Snail mail

Snail mail

One night back in 2014, I was scrolling through Facebook and  I came across some words that caught my attention. “Snail mail”, “send some love through the post,” “love notes.” I explored further and came across the love note project that had been organised by Jennifer Belthoff.  The premise, 3 weeks, 3 postcards, 3 stamps.  A partner that is provided by Jennifer and a prompt once a week that helps guide what you write on the card.  It also runs four times a year.

I immediately messaged Jennifer, I really wanted to be part of this project.  I love anything to do with stationary and I remember my many years as a child and young teenager waiting impatiently for the postman to arrive with letters from my pen pals.  Finally something that helped me remember how much I loved to communicate with people across the globe and to send out letters and postcards.  I wanted to be a pen pal again. I wanted to buy gorgeous paper to write on, I wanted to collect postcards and match them to the prompts.  I was excited.

So today begins another round of love notes, its the 23rd round.  It is my fourth year into it and am just as excited about it as I was in the beginning.  The advent of email, messenger, text is wonderful and I am a great fan of technology (after all it helped me find this project that is based in the USA) but I realised that I missed getting mail through the post.  I missed the thud of a letter that was other than a bill.  I can honestly say that since I have started this project the amount of lovely mail outweighs the bills that also make a thud on my welcome mat.

The partners I have had over the last four years have come from USA, New Zealand, Canada, Austria, Germany, UK.  In fact I have been so excitable about this project that half the north west of England well maybe about 10 friends which include colleagues have also signed up.  There is a wonderful community that has grown up around this love note project, in fact it feels like it has evolved a life of its own, lovingly tended by Jennifer who has let her baby grow its own way.  It has brought people together and created friendships that never would have met without this project.

The prompts inspire me to think deeply and to be efficient with the amount of words.  After all I only have a postcard to write on.  There is something not so intimidating about a small space.  Below I will give examples of some of the prompts and my words that have flown to far flung places.

Begin each day…….

Begin each day with a smile for yourself then spread it to the rest of your world.  Smiling is infectious.  Begin each day with  the intent that every action you take you will make meaningful, yes even the coffee break.

Home is…….

Home is the sanctuary and space where the heart expands and sighs are released.  Shoes kicked off and arms sink into the comfort of sofa, as body exhales tension.


Small or large selfless acts that enrich the world and fill it with love.

There comes a day……

There comes a day when you no longer care what others think. There comes a day when you will follow your hearts desire without fear.  There comes a day, and then another, the busyness of life often takes over. What if that longed for day to come became today, right now? A few moments with a cup of coffee or teat to dream the dreams.

The key to happiness…..

Being grateful daily; saying yes to your dreams; making memories with loved ones; being kind to yourself and others; looking for what is good in the world; be part of something bigger.

I have received hundreds of cards over the years and all the messages are inspiring and come from the heart of the person sending.  I like to take a few when I need inspiration and wisdom and read over them.  This project helps me to be creative and it is lovely that somebody else shares their wisdom with me.

I hope partners past,  present and to come receive my words and cards with the spirit with which it is sent, in friendship and truth.  I feel very lucky to be part of this group and I am already starting to think of what I can write as the next prompt is “I may not know you (yet) but……”



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